How did Johannes Kepler envision the underlying laws of planetary motion when he compared the orbits of the planets to 2-dimensional shapes inscribed in circles? How did his thinking change after his epiphany moment when considered he should instead compare the orbits to 3d polyhedra inscribed into spheres?

And what made our genius mathematician realise that neither scheme fitted with his or Tycho’s observations and was guided to consider that the orbital ratios were actually in tune with the harmonies found in beautiful music and not with simple geometry?

Watch how Kepler explored unknown landscapes in the Bible, art, and music before finally uncovering that the mysteries of the planets were in fact hidden, by God, in geometry and mathematics.

johannes kepler and rudolf

On 21 of September 1993 Houston based teacher Brian Lantz provides an insightful introduction to Johannes Kepler, the situation he lived in during the late 16th century Europe and Kepler’s peers in the scientific community at the time.

Watch all 4 videos in this series of lectures and get an idea of how Kepler was actually a very playful and a cheeky character – who often has fun at the expense of the reader even today. And learn how he did this to entertain himself, and God, while creating his books, discoveries and universal laws. Again, all the while, knowing that almighty God was watching the great plan being revealed piece by piece……

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