Kepler was born into the lowest social class of Germany in 1571. Kepler was a sickly child, being extremely nearsighted, having skin problems and nearly dying of Smallpox when he was just four years old.
Kepler's mother was a drug dealer, he spent the later years of his life defending his mother against charges of witchcraft which he himself may have seeded with his "fictional" book the Somnium.
Kepler was a terrible teacher, not a single student wanted to take his classes, but he continued providing lessons for a whole year with no students present.
Kepler's health problems made his calculations more difficult, as most were made while he was standing up, as he suffered from a severe case of hemorrhoids.
Kepler spent two years "evaluating" eleven potential brides before eventually choosing one after his first wife had sadly died of cholera in 1611.
Kepler's extreme fear of taking a bath. It was his first wife who finally forced him into taking one, in 1605, 8 years into their marriage; Kepler thought it a very unpleasant experience.
Kepler got kicked out of Austria for failing to convert to Roman Catholicism. This gave him the chance to get a job with Tyco Brahe in Prague.
When it finally became clear that the church was wrong, Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileos' works were all removed from the church's Index of Forbidden Books.