In his YouTube channel schism206 provides insight into a range of topics about the occult, science and other related subjects. In this episode Kepler’s opinions on science and theology are discussed.

From Kepler’s vision of spirit and matter being unified, through his unclear opinion on the validity of astrology and through to his esoteric pythagorean vision of the world.

Kepler believed he had revealed the geometric plan for God’s Universe and that the Universe was indeed an image of God himself. The video author goes on to describe how Kepler’s beliefs were driven by theology and religion moreso than the scientific method many claim was what Kepler used to uncover some of the underlying workings of the Cosmos.

As schism206 explains, many scientists are biased – generally because they are so scientifically driven. But, to better understand Kepler’s mind the author reminds us to consider what Kepler himself says about the divine Universe.

Did Kepler only work on astrology to pay the bills? Did he actually believe in fortune telling astrology or was he only interested in the laws governing the movements or angles of the planets, rather than their influence here on Earth? Indeed, was our genius mathematician and astronomer a hero of science or of religion – or both? Of course, those on either side are free to claim Kepler to be on their side, and as their… well, watch the below short clip to see what you can make of him.

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